Camper Trailers: Preventing the Build-Up of Condensation

Moisture build-up from condensation can be detrimental to the property in your hard floor camper trailer. Also, the accumulated vapour can cause discomfort for you due to the water droplets formed. Unfortunately, condensation cannot be avoided entirely because it is a natural process. In general, warm air is produced inside due to exhaled breath, hot food and other similar elements. When the air rises, it comes into contact with the tent material.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Campsite at a Holiday Park

Setting up camp at a holiday park is a great way to enjoy a taste of outdoor life. Holiday parks offer site pitches for setting up tents and/or parking caravans, motorhomes and campervans. These parks are often located in areas with beautiful scenery, like a beach or lakeside. If you need to book a campsite at a holiday park so you can park a caravan, you need to be aware that not all sites are the same.