Camper Trailers: Preventing the Build-Up of Condensation

Moisture build-up from condensation can be detrimental to the property in your hard floor camper trailer. Also, the accumulated vapour can cause discomfort for you due to the water droplets formed. Unfortunately, condensation cannot be avoided entirely because it is a natural process. In general, warm air is produced inside due to exhaled breath, hot food and other similar elements. When the air rises, it comes into contact with the tent material. If the outdoor environment is cold, the camper structure will also be cool. Once the warm air and the cool surface interact, condensation of the vapour will occur. If you would like to minimise and prevent the detriments of this process, consider using these simple guidelines for ideal results.

Promote Proper Ventilation

One of the most effective ways to reduce condensation problems in your camper trailer is promoting better air flow. As mentioned above, the issue occurs because of the warm air which builds up naturally in the space. If you have good airflow in the tent, the heated air will escape freely. You should think about opening your windows and door a little to gain this advantage. Secure the flaps of the camper structure with some ropes. This practice will ensure excellent ventilation without allowing rain into your tent. You should also be careful not to block the openings with your gear, furniture or clothes. 

Choose Better Camping Spots

You should choose your camping spots with care to reduce the risk of moisture accumulation in your camper trailer tent. Some locations have more water vapour, and the humidity will transform into condensation. Ideally, your camping ground should be dry. While an area with luscious grass might seem perfect, the amount of moisture produced by the plant will be detrimental.

You should avoid setting up your trailer in an area close to a water source or within a valley. Both of these places are incredibly humid. For the best results, find a location with a suitable balance between shelter from the elements and proper ventilation.

Acquire Towels and Cloths

In some cases, you will not be able to avoid condensation build-up in your tent even with the proper precautions. You should prepare for such situations by having the right tools to manage the moisture. It is advisable to obtain and carry microfiber cloths and absorbent towels for this purpose. Once you notice moisture build-up, you can mitigate the problems by wiping. You should also think about acquiring a dehumidifier or moisture absorber product.