Three Tips for Buying an Air Compressor for Your Camper Trailer

When travelling across the often harsh and unpredictable Australian roads, it is important to be prepared. Purchasing an air compressor for your camper trailer is a great way to prepare for a variety of potentially sticky situations on the road. If you're planning on purchasing an air compressor for your camper trailer, check out these tips to ensure you have a reliable asset in your on-road arsenal.

Consider your needs

The type of air compressor you buy for your camper trailer will depend largely upon what you anticipate it will be used for. If you are a keen off-road driver with a 4WD vehicle and camper trailer, you'll need a high-quality, very reliable air compressor to reinflate your tyres to optimal pressure after driving on different terrains. If you have an inflatable mattress or boat, you will require a compressor with a high volume capacity yet the capability for low pressure, which may not be compatible with a standard 12V auto air compressor. If you simply require an air compressor as a back-up emergency asset for tyre inflation after repair when in between service centres, you will want to ensure the compressor you purchase can be relied upon in the heat of the moment. Your local camper trailer accessories stockist can give you personalised advice to assist in selecting the ideal air compressor for your needs.

Choose between electric and engine-driven

For most air compressing needs on the road, a good quality 12V electric air compressor will keep you out of trouble with ease. An electric air compressor is powered by your car battery, and can be either portable or mounted to your vehicle depending on your personal needs and preference. If you require more power and strength in your air compressor for serious off-road driving, you may wish to consider investing in an engine-driven air compressor. These models are powered by the fan belt in your vehicle's engine to deliver a consistent, reliable flow of high pressure compressed air on demand.

Prioritise quality over cost

Whether you choose an electric or engine-driven air compressor, the one factor that truly matters is quality. While there are cheap air compressors on the market that claim to do all that a more expensive model does, it's an asset that you want to be able to rely upon when in need. In order to produce air compressors for a low cost, manufacturers cut corners with the heat-resistance of the air hose or quality of pistons, leading to common faults such as ruptured hoses and burnt-out engines. When purchasing an air compressor for your camper trailer, it is highly recommended that you source a high-quality, durable and reliable model. Some things to look for in a quality unit include metal construction, including stainless steel valves, teflon compound piston rings, thermal protector and permanently-lubricated ball bearings for excellent dependability and performance under pressure.

For more advice on purchasing an air compressor for your camper trailer, contact your local camper trailer accessories stockist for expert assistance.