3 Sharp Tactics To Pick The Perfect Tent For A Couple

Going camping is a great way for couples to regain some of their magic, away from the distractions of digital devices, television and stressful jobs. Before you go on your trip, you'll need to choose the right camping equipment for an unforgettable outdoors experience. This guide arms you with sharp tactics for picking the perfect tent for a couple.

Choose A Higher Capacity Tent

While you're only two people going on this camping trip, comfort should be your top priority for an enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that you're probably going to carry bags and other camping equipment with you, so choosing a small 2-person tent will end up being a tight fit. Choosing a larger capacity tent will give you more room for storing bedding, clothes and camping gear. You'll also want to choose a higher capacity tent if you or your partner are tall because taller people will need to curl up in tightly-held tents.

Establish The Weather Conditions For Choosing Tent Materials  

Some tents are better suited to summers or winters, while others are suited to all seasons. Summer tents are typically made from lightweight materials and have good ventilation, but they are unlikely to survive in heavy rain and wind conditions. An all-season tent is perhaps the best choice because it gives you the freedom to go camping in any weather. All-season tent materials are usually made from canvas, nylon or polyester to resist rainwater. Even if you're a fair weather camper, an all-season tent is ideal because even good weather can change dramatically when you're in the great outdoors. Keep in mind that seams must be properly sealed at joints to ensure that water doesn't trickle through the tent material when it rains.

Consider Tent Weight For A Comfortable Camping Experience

Tent weight plays a vital role in your camping decisions because you'll naturally want something light in weight if you plan on hiking for long distances with your partner. If your goal is to merely spend time with each other through car camping, then weight will play a less important role, but you naturally don't want to tire yourself out carrying your tent. Lightweight tents are typically made from materials like nylon, so be sure to look out for this feature to avoid getting exhausted when transporting your tent to the campsite.  

If you and your partner have made the decision to enjoy some alone time in the great outdoors together, then get your camping equipment right by following this guide for the best tent buying experience.